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I don’t know what people mean when they say that pro-choicers don’t necessarily like abortion. I don’t know what’s implied about the people who supposedly like abortions. It can’t mean enjoy abortions, because no one enjoys potentially-expensive medical procedures. Does it mean they’re happy that abortion is available as a legal option*? It can’t mean that, because that’s something all pro-choicers should want. Does it mean that they’re happy that birth control is fallible? Obviously no one- save a controlling bastard of a partner- would be happy about that.

What I’m worried people mean when they say that they’re pro-choice but they don’t ‘like’ abortion is that they’re unhappy that women are terminating their pregnancies. And those opinions absolutely do not belong in discussions about choice. What you personally do or do not like should not matter when discussing someone’s legal right to their body. Especially considering you’re probably alienating the pro-choice women who have had abortions.

I don’t care if you’re “pro-choice but would never have an abortion”. That adds absolutely nothing to the discussion. All you’re doing is distancing yourself from the people you’re supposed to be supporting. If that isn’t your intent, then stop adding the “would never” bit. You’re pro-choice. Period.

*Or bloody-well should be available

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    But isn’t that what the word “choice” is supposed to represent? That people might not necessarily agree with it, but...
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    I’m not trying to argue for “best intentions.” I’m arguing for nuance of language in a debate that is heavily polarized...
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    I respectfully disagree. When I say things like that I mean that I don’t think anyone would want to be in that...
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